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1. Upholding the Nation, Religions and the King as the three main institutions and promoting the national identity

2. Driving the government’s policies, inspecting and monitoring government administration
      2.1) Setting the guidelines and action plans of the Office of the Prime Minister to be aligned with the National Economic and Social Development Plan, and government’s and Prime Minister’s policies
      2.2) Following-up and evaluating the performance of the government agencies and state enterprises under the Office of the Prime Minister
      2.3) Proceeding on laws and regulations of the Office of the Prime Minister
      2.4) Inspecting, following-up, evaluating, promoting, developing, coordinating and systemizing information related to official inspections, including expediting and following-up the performance of the government agencies in case of cash shortage or financial corruption
      2.5) Conducting according to regulations on supervision and follow-up of regional performances
      2.6) Decentralizing the authorities to the local government organizations
      2.7) Managing the information and communication technology of the Office of the Prime Minister

3. Public Service
      3.1) Implementing the laws on official information
      3.2) Being the Public Service Center receiving complaints, fact-finding, following-up, and proposing comments and recommendations related to problems which people make complaints, including other people’s grievance problems, in order to consider in compliance with the Prime Minister’s orders

(Remark: last update on September 29th, 2015 as a work of Foreign Relations Subdivision, Bureau of Planning and Special Affairs)

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