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  Organization Structure   
     1. Information Database Managemen Division
         The overall duties are as follows :
  • To study, design, develop and manage software and information system to meet demand of system user, including front office, software development and back office
  • To develop work system and database supporting  the government's urgent  mission under government's policy and cabinet's resolutions
  • To develop e-Inverstigation system in order to provide support for integrated official inspection
  • To code and standardize  database for cooperation among ministerial agencies
  • To provide advisory and information exchange services
  • To carry out a project on database and software development  coordination
    2. Information and Communication Technology Management Division
        The overall duties are as follows :
  • To manage information and communication  technology, network systems and safety related systems
  • To set standard for information technology systems and network communication systems to provide network connectivity for agencies
  • To carry out Inter-Ministerial cooperation programs on information and communication infrastructure
  • To develop and design information technology and network connection in order to provide support for the Office of the Prime Minister's mission accomplishment, the government's urgent policies and the cabinet's resolutions
  • To provide suggestion, advice and coordination on information communication technology 
     3. Planning and Information Service Division
         The overall duties are as follows :
  • To formulate a master plan on information and communication technology for the Office of the prime minister and the Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • To study, analyze and propose a policy on information and communication technology development for the Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • To operate an information center for the Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • To develop action plans and action plan reports
  • To develop a performance agreement for the Center
  • To perform secretarial duties for the agency's information and communication technology committee / sub-committees / working groups
     4. General  Administration Subdivision :
          Is responsible for carrying out administrative work   

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