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Anti-Corruption Operation Centre

h Background

                   Since corruption has been a severe problem in Thailand, on 18 June 2014, the National Committee of Peace and Order (NCPO) issued an Order No.69/2014 on “Measures to Prevent Corruption and Misconduct” assigning all government and state agencies to define the measures and procedures to prevent and eliminate corruption and misconduct in their organisations. The order focused on building good governance at work and encouraging all relevant sectors to participate in inspecting and monitoring government activities in order to prevent corruption in the public sector. A strong focus on combating corruption is vital, the Royal Thai Government, therefore, held the war on corruption as a national agenda.

                   RTG has strengthened the 3 level mechanisms to prevent and eliminate corruption as follows;

                   1. At the policy level: the National Anti-Corruption Committee chaired by the Prime Minister/Head of NCPO 

                   2. At the national level: the National Anti-Corruption Centre driving the overall domestic performance.

                   3. At the operational level: the Anti-Corruption Operation Centre established in all ministries or their equivalent which their efficiency have been significantly improved.

                   Recently, there are 35 Anti-Corruption Operation Centres to coordinate, direct, monitor, and report agencies’ anti-corruption performance. These agencies are from central, regional and local as well as state enterprises and public organisations. PACC as the secretary to the National Anti-Corruption Committee is regarded as a mechanism to coordinate, direct and monitor the activities of Anti-Corruption Operation Centres’ operation.

                   Roles, missions and authorities of the Anti-Corruption Operation Centre to prevent and suppress corruption and misconduct and protect ethics are as follows;


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