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Mission : Recruitment Placement and Personnel Records Group

-          to be responsible for personnel recruitment and placement

-          to evaluate performance of government officials and government employees

-          to set rate of payment payable to new government officials

-          to assign duties and authority to government officials

-          to check personnel qualification of candidates for the appointment in a state enterprise under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary

-          to select officials deserving of additional allowance in specific cases

-          to perform secretarial duties for the Civil Service Sub-Commission of the Office of the Permanent Secretary

-          to be responsible for employee personnel records

-          to be responsible for government pension fund and provident fund

-          to check and update data on direct payment of medical expense

-          to take charge of the request for the honored cremation with royal ignition  fire bestowed by the king

-          to issue certificate of year service

-          to perform other duties as assigned


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