The Office of Decentralization to the Local Government Organization Committee
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Missions of the Office of the Decentralization to Local Government Organization Committee (Office of DLOC)

  1. Creating, reviewing and developing the Decentralization Master and Operational Plans.
  2. Defining criteria and procedures so as to transfer the function from the Central Government to LGOs as well as insuring productivity and efficiency of the public service system.
  3. Providing taxes, grants and other revenues to LGOs in accordance with the scope of their authority and as it may be deemed necessary, improving the proportion    of taxes and revenues between the Central and Local Administration, and among LGOs.
  4. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of decentralization process as well as encouraging public participation in order to monitor LGOs’development.
  5. Promoting the innovation of LGOs and developing knowledge of decentralization to public and involved agencies.
  6. Reviewing, improving and developing legislations relevant to decentralization.
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