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  Summary of Community Land Title Performance   
The first community land title of Thailand .
  On the fiscal year 2011, 55 communities was approved by the coordinating committee to be eligible to proceed with community land title. Also, two communities namely Ban Klongyoong CooperativeCommunity in Phutthamonthon District of Nakhon Pathom Province, and Ban Mae AoCommunityin Pa Sang District of Lamphun Province were approved of holding community land title by the agencies in charge of each particular public land.
            On 12 February 2011, the office of community land title, the office of the permanent secretary held the delivery ceremony to grant the first community title to Ban Klongyong Cooperative at its office in Phutthamonthon District. The ceremony was presided by the Prime Minister and the participants were ministers and representatives from concerned agencies, the community members and civil society members. The ceremony was broadcast on Channel 11, beginning with the community land title granting ceremony and followed by the talk “Community Land Title for Sustainable Living and Land Preservation” via video conference between the representatives of the cooperative and the tentatively approved communities including Ban Mae Ao community in Pa Sang District of Lamphun Province, Kade Kaew Ban Munkong Community in Warinchamrab District of Ubol Rajathani Province and Klong Khor Pee Community in Muang District of Phuket Province. Then, the Prime Minister participated in many activities such as tree planting aimed at symbolizing sustainable living as well as land preservation, and parachute rice transplanting before talking with the locals.

Seminar for better understanding of community land title
On 21 January 2011, the Prime Minister opened the seminar “community land title for sustainable living and land preservation” at Santi Maitri Building, the Government House. The Prime Minister gave special lecture on community land title “community land title : the first step to sustainably solve the farm land problems” The participants of the seminar included representatives from concerned ministries, the inspectors-general of the Prime Minister Office, provincial governors, concerned experts, civil society and media. The participants were informed of the principles and process of community land title project in order to cooperate together to achieve the same goal.
Later, the office of community land title, the office of the prime minister organized seminars to create better understanding of principles and process of community land title among regional agencies, the communities applying for project approval, civil society as well as listen to the problem occurred across the country. The seminars were held in the northern province of Nan on 14 March 2011, in the southern province of Suratthani on 21 March 2011 and in the northeast province of Ubonratchathani on 30 March 2011.

Performance Report on Community Land Title

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